A boat with a soul

One of the most famous captains in these waters and a boat builder - Vidar will stand at the helm during the technical expeditions and some safari in Flores and Komodo. He conducted pioneering expeditions to the Java Sea and discovered a number of flagships sunk during the famous Battle of the Java Sea.

Captain Vidar installed almost all anchoring stations in Indonesian national parks, so he knows all places available to divers in this area. He himself has done thousands of recreational and technical dives and, as the first diver ever, dived around all wrecks of the ships sunk during the Great Battle of the Java Sea. The battle was fought between Allied and Japanese fleets on February 27, 1942 during the World War II. For finding the HNLMS Java, captain Vidar was awarded a medal by the Dutch navy.

Take a look at some wrecks discovered by the Empress